John Waddell

John Waddell

John Waddell was born October 3, 1714 in Dover, England.  Details on his immigration to the United States are not known but according to marriage records he married Anne Kirton on Nov. 30, 1736 in the chapel in Fort George, New York. This was located at the southern tip of Manhattan.   Anne was the daughter of Ann Hony and William Kirten.  Between the years of 1737 and 1738, Waddell was enrolled as part of Capt. Van Horne’s foot company militia. After this time, Waddell became a merchant and spent his time sailing between London and New York City. Newspaper records showed he sailed ships by the names of Oswego and Dover.  The Dover is ‘said to have been built at the foot of that street in New York, this occasion given rise  to the name of that street’ (Jordan, 800).  

Google Map of Dover Street

John and his wife had 7 children.

William -July 16, 1737 – ?
John – August 7, 1739 – December 3,1771
Mary – September 28, 1741-1789  (married John Taylor)
Henry – December 4, 1744-January 20, 1811
Ann – October 30, 1748 – Feb 13, 1816 (married Eleazer Miller, Jr. & John Taylor)
Sarah – Febraury 14, 1750 (died young)
George – November 15, 1752 – 1767
Sarah – December 5, 1755 – ? (married Joseph Taylor)

During his lifetime, he was a warden to the port of New York, a founding member of  St. Andrew’s Society of New York, and a orginal subscriber to the New York Society Library.  He died prior to the library’s establishment but his wife stepped in his place and her name appears on the document of incorporation by George III. 

John died in New York City on May 29, 1762 and is buried in the Trinity Churchyard in Manhattan.  The New York Historical Society has a painting of  John and Anne Waddell in their collection. 

John Waddell
Anne Waddell

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